Privacy Policy

What is this website all about? is all about renovating your old, pale and traditionally monotone car into a sassy, stylish one by imbedding on it the customized set of graphics design as well as sticker design. The website provides you with explicit information which is under the sole property of

Why choose this company?

Cartattz is here with its new set of car graphics along with customized stickers which are absolutely based on the orders placed by the clients. Most importantly clients do not need to spend too much money for the sake of this company; they can save thousands and thousands of dollars by avoiding car paints which can turn out to be short termed. The cars will get a renovation by the name of the beautiful graphics design and custom stickers.

How to contact with the authorities?

The clients can contact us at the given contact number and can also mail us at for their further information. Clients can always place their own choices regarding the type of graphics design or sticker design they prefer for their cars. They can also write to us through our Contact Us page and mention their name and email address as a preference for the company members to contact them further.

What private data and information do they collect?

The members of are always requested to provide their personal name, information details, address, phone number and email id. While placing orders for the desired graphic designing for their car the information of permanent address and credit card information is also taken in some cases.

Is the email id of any use?

Cartattz will respectively use the client’s email id to send those personalized data and information which exclusively belongs to the The privacy is important as these data and information is absolutely professional based and cartattz is here with their legal statements to put forward their best foot for making sure their data and information comes handy for the kind of design clients want to put forward for their cars.

Does this company maintain privacy?

First of all, wants to thank all the members as well as viewers who have visited the website of and have taken all time to show interest in our work and talents. The members and authorities of want to place its own terms and policies for the sake of its members. The authorities always respect the privacy of its customers and clients with sheer seriousness. They make sure their partners, customers and clients receive all sorts of privacy regarding business dealings and transactions. The personal information is never shared with the third party and is exclusively used for professional purpose and for any commercial part. This information is only used for communicating the consumers, clients and partners in terms of satisfying the orders placed beforehand.

Do the company shares any information? does not share any personal information with partners and clients without the sheer permission of the customers.